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Cars and parts currently for sale at Auto Spa.

Please email or call for information and purchasing.


email to:

  (707) 938 8727

Payments are buy check or Paypal (Please ask for our PayPal email when ordering).
No international orders please.

Most items will be shipped USPS Priority Mail Flat rate. Same rate to anywhere in US.
USPS price depends on box size.

Flat Rate prices with handling:
Small box (Dog rings,up to 3 gear sets, fire bottle parts & mount) $7

Medium box (most mirrors, spring sets ) $13

Large box $18
large items can ship UPS. Email us with your zip code for UPS cost.

cars & parts

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Cars for sale

Sorry, we do not have any cars for sale at this time.


Parts for sale 


Transmission gears and parts for sale.


Gears for Staffs/Hewland/Webster MK series transmissions. New and used gears and dog (clutch) rings.

Click here to go to the Gears page.


We have center post mirrors, side mirrors, current and vintage style. Some in pairs, some left or right only.


Click here to go to the Mirrors page

Fire Bottles and Parts

fb2_s#FB2, Lifeline Halon electrical fire bottle. Full, weighs 12 Lbs (10 Lbs of halon). $200

Misc Parts

VC1_s#VC1, Valve cover for 2L Ford (Pinto) engine. Setup for F2000 or SP2000.

OT1_s#OT1, Dry Sump oil tank, 2.75gals.




S1s#SP1, Diffuser spats, kevlar, pair (left and right).


Brake Parts


#BP1, New Ferodo brake pads for AP LD20/ICP caliper

Mfg. #FCP825R, DS3000 compound $60

Click here for FCP825R info on Ferodo web page


#BP2,New Perfomance Friction brake pads for AP LD20/ICP caliper. Mfg. #720.83.4 (83 compound). $50

83 Compound was the original super-high torque compound. The torque curve rises with heat to handle the most extreme applications. Requires finesse and control. Replaced by 13 Compound.

BC19_LD19_s#BC19, AP LD19 brake caliper,Fits Formula Ford, used , RIGHT side ONLY (when mounted trailing axle.) $100 each (2 in stock)

BC20_LD20_s#BC20,AP LD20 brake calipers, fits F2000,SP2000 3/8" rotor,used, Pair-left and right sides. $150 each

BC2_ICP_s#BC2, ICP light weight steel calipers replacement for LD20 or AP LD65 calipers (for SP2000). Mounting holes are 3/8" at 3.5" to centers. Installed spacers fit vented rotor .8" wide. Used, two pairs (left and right) in stock. $100 each.

High Pressure Regulators

 These are high quality regulators used for Nitrogen bottles.


Weldmark brand regulator. 3000psi max. in good condition. $75



Uniweld brand regulator. 3000 psi. (Note-May need guages. Guages not returning to zero) $50




Auto Spa

29653 Arnold Dr.

Sonoma, CA 95476

tel. 707.938.8727

fax 707.938.2653

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